AccessHealth Greenville County is NOT insurance. It is one of ten statewide AccessHealth SC networks supported by The Duke Endowment to assist communities in creating and sustaining coordinated, data-driven networks of care that provide medical homes and ensure timely, affordable, high quality healthcare services for low income uninsured people in South Carolina.

More than 750,000 South Carolinians do not have health insurance, and Greenville County is home to almost 10% of them. Of those 70,000 residents, roughly 30,000 of our neighbors fall below 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL), and are left without the benefits of a primary care “medical home” —  a place where they know their doctors and nurses, and where their doctors and nurses know them.

Instead, our uninsured neighbors are often left to choose between their health or their shelter, their sustenance, or their security, and are subsequently forced to utilize the emergency department (ER) when they could have been treated in a primary care setting.

That’s why AccessHealth Greenville County helps connect our low-income, uninsured friends and family members to a medical home, and to better quality and continuity of healthcare through our collaboration with the Greenville Health System, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, primary care safety-nets, free clinics, and other resources and partners.

Greenville County Facts

  • Adult population (age 18 and older) – 393,644
  • Total number of uninsured adults – 73,359 (18.6% of the population of Greenville County)
  • Total number of low-income (200% below Federal Poverty Level) and uninsured adults – 30,864
  • Hospitalizations per 1,000 uninsured adults – 64.4%
  • Emergency Department visits per 1,000 uninsured adults – 824.4%
  • 25% of the population of these zip codes is uninsured; 29601, 29605, 29609, 29611, 29617